Streams for Dream Teams

Questions start things. Conversations begin; information is shared.

When questions are asked, things happen.


On Baloonr, everything starts with a stream. Streams are questions, but they can also be topics, prompts, words, ideas. etc. You kick things off on Baloonr by adding a stream and inviting your team members to participate. Ask anything of anyone, and with Baloonr, you (efficiently) get more and better things back.

In life (and on Baloonr), there is no such thing as a stupid question. You don’t have to ask the right question to get an answer, but sometimes asking a question can be hard. You start to second guess if the question should be asked; if it’s phrased correctly; and if you’re asking the right group. Anxiety sets in, and you decide to hold-off and wait (and hope and pray) that someone else works up the courage to ask.


Here’s the thing though. You don’t need to worry about any of those things on Baloonr. If your company has rolled out Baloonr, it’s because they want to hear ALL of your ideas. They want you to freely ask questions. They want you to push your team to new creative limits. They, like us, are dedicated to an idea meritocracy. To help get things started, we’ve posted some stream ideas below.

Stream Formats: Fill in the blank and try out these powerful (and proven) streams.

  • How can we improve __________?
  • Ideas for __________.
  • How can we make __________ more efficient?
  • What do you think about __________?
  • We are thinking about implementing __________. What do you think?
  • How are you feeling about __________?
  • What can we do better?
  • We’ve done  __________ the same way for a long time. What opportunities for improvement do you see?
  • Favorite part of __________.

Topics: Post a stream on one of the following topics and get back clearly-defined, prioritized ideas. Instead of calling a meeting or starting an email thread to discuss a topic, post a stream. It can be more effective and efficient.

  • Hiring, On-Boarding, and Training
  • Project Management
  • Team-Building
  • Company Culture
  • Office Environment
  • Consensus Building
  • Naming, Branding, Messaging
  • Processes
  • Budgets
  • Planning
  • Remote Team Members
  • Opportunities
  • Improvements/Changes
  • Project-Specific
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Product Features
  • Event Planning

Creative: Creativity—the ability to come up with new things—needs to be continuously practiced. Companies and organizations that are able to harness creativity are more likely to achieve revenue growth, command market share, and retain employees1. Post a creative stream today to collaborate in a new way.

  • Write a haiku (5-7-5) about your day/week/weekend.
  • Connect something in a new way.
  • Write a six-word story.
  • Describe your favorite color without using the name.
  • My Superpower.
  • Creatively modify your favorite movie/book quote.
  • Combine the plots of your two favorite movies/books to create a new story. What happens?
  • Blue (or any other color).
  • I don’t want a traditional pet. I want…
  • Spring (or any other season).
  • Same title. The book or the movie?
  • Magic or spells that could be helpful.
  • Someone hands you a microphone. Go.

Post a stream today. Your dream team is ready. 


– Amanda

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